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Home to ProEd Nuanu campus, the Tabanan regency is a haven of serenity that stretches along the western coastline and is framed by scenic black sand beaches. This area is renowned for its pristine natural scenery, its lush rice paddies and its UNESCO recognized tea plantations

The campus itself is established on the exquisite Balinese coastline and surrounded by natural beauty, with two majestic rivers and 184 metres of ocean bluffs. Its private beach and expansive greenspace form a picture-perfect backdrop that will inspire your child's creativity and imagination.

Part of Nuanu, an innovative and sustainable co-living project, this ProEd campus is now open. It will offer a unique educational experience that focuses on green initiatives, including giving back to local communities and minimising carbon footprint.

ProEd Nuanu features weather-proof glamping tents, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete or bamboo buildings. Designed to foster a closer connection to nature, this campus offers a relaxed atmosphere and increased green space that will assist your child in concentrating, reducing anxiety, and enhancing focus.

Message from our Founder

” The NEW Pro Education Nuanu Campus is part of the innovative and sustainable co-living project – Nuanu – that will open in August 2023. It is situated in the Tabanan regency, a haven of serenity that stretches along the western Balinese coastline and is renowned for its pristine natural scenery, lush rice paddies, and UNESCO recognized tea plantations. The Nuanu project aims to explore new ways to connect with others and nature through regenerative technologies and sustainable architecture. It brings together leading experts and innovators from various fields, such as engineering, architecture, science, sociology, environmentalism, and art, to form a community of like-minded people who aim to re-imagine the current system. Education is the project’s crown jewel is education, which it believes to hold the key to creating a brighter future for all generations. “