Primary students go to school from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:15. Secondary students go to school from Monday to Friday 8:15 to 15:00. We also have ECAs after school time, will take place Monday to Thursday. Primary School activities start from 14:30 to 15:30 and Secondary School activities start from 15:00 to 16:00. Activities are not available on Fridays

We’ve successfully transitioned many homeschooled students to Pro Education because we offer a flexible learning environment that can cater to each student’s individual needs. We prefer to place children in a grade with their age-mates because they will have similar interests and greater understanding, which can help them develop good friendships. Please speak to us about a personalised timetable and additional support we can offer your child.

We aim to provide every child with access to the right education at the right time. Although it’s preferable for students to enrol at the start of the term, we’re happy to make exceptions for extenuating circumstances. Please note that we have a waiting list for many of our grades, so our ability to accept new students depends on availability.

If you’re interested in Pro Education for your child, you can contact our enrolment officer at pr@proed.asia to arrange a school tour. If you’re unable to visit the school, we can provide you with more information and/or schedule a video call. After the initial meeting, your child can attend a free two-day trial to help us get to know them better and to see if our school is the right fit for your family. If you decide to enrol after the trial, our enrolment officer will send you an enrolment book and a quote or invoice. Once you complete the documentation and pay the invoice, your child can join their new classmates and teachers at Pro Education.

We’re committed to keeping our class sizes small, which means that spaces in each grade fill up quickly. If you’ve visited the school and plan to enrol your child, you can contact our enrolment officer to check availability and request to be placed on the waiting list. You may also pay an optional deposit to secure your child’s place as soon as it becomes available.

We’re proud of the diversity within our school, which hosts over 21 different nationalities, leading to an enriched global community. Our team of educators consists of Indonesian National teachers and Expats (native English speakers). 

We ensure that English/Literacy subjects are taught by our native English-speaking teachers. Other lessons are mostly taught by our highly skilled National teachers, who receive regular professional development to ensure they are providing top-notch teaching to our students.

Pro Education is an English speaking school. However, we offer excellent support for children learning English as a second language.

Our school is special because of its exceptional team of highly trained educators and specialists. Pastoral care contributes to the extensive support that we offer each student, which is why the annual levy is compulsory for all students. 

The level of pastoral support varies for each child depending on their needs. We provide an additional level of security by utilising our pastoral care to assist students who may be experiencing academic, social, emotional, or family-based issues. Early intervention is key, and we believe that by having the correct resources in place, we can best support your child in overcoming any obstacles they may face.

Our Packages of Care approach ensures that the majority of Pro Education students have access to some form of specialist support, whether it’s through co-taught lessons in the classroom, group therapy, paired therapy, or individual therapy. 

The type of support that your child receives will depend on their needs and will be granted at the discretion of our Specialist Support Team. The process begins when you enrol your child in our school, and we welcome you to share any concerns or goals that you have for your child at that time. Based on this information, our Specialist Support Team will put together an appropriate Package of Care for your child. 

Additionally, our Teachers can upgrade the Package of Care at any time during the school term if they feel that your child would benefit from further support. This support will be incorporated into your child’s individualised timetable. 

We understand that your goals are our goals, and we value the trust you place in us to guide your child’s development. We will work with you to help your child exceed their potential, and we will openly discuss the Package of Care your child will receive. 

We provide a limited number of after-school sessions for tutoring and therapy, including Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, and Counselling, for children who are not enrolled as students at Pro Education.

Yes, we offer a range of informative assessments conducted on-site by our Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist. These assessments will be included in your child’s Package of Care if they enrol in the school. 

In addition, we arrange regular visits from an Educational Psychologist who can assess your child’s learning profile. Please note that there is an additional cost for these highly specialised services, which will be discussed with parents beforehand.